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  • De Lange Reis

    In De Lange Reis naar het Zesde Zegel ontmoet ik het zielemeisje Irana en haar moeder. Zij zijn verdronken, en nemen mij mee in hun wereld van stervende zielen. Daar begint een reis naar de toekomst van de wereld, en het verleden en de toekomst van mijzelf, en mijn eigen ziel.


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  • Wachten op de hel of waar is kleine misha









    Een reis naar het toen van Buchenwald, Auschwitz en Hitler. Zes jaar lijden, lijden van de ziel, de zielemensen, en de ontmoeting met mijzelf.



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Bandira The Book

Bandira  The Book Bandira - The New World



We come with three, the Apostles, we bring you the prophecies:

 "You are at the border of the green world".

"Put down seven delights, look with seven eyes".



"The dawn comes, the old disappears". "Hello Lark, your children will grow up in a new world of love and Light".



The circle with the man. When the old circle is closed man steps over to the new circle, de phase is completed. Just like the individual soul develops to a higher level, so does mankind. In the transformation phase there will be manifestations of all changes in the completed phase, both positive and negative they will return in a short but harsh form. The transformation phase is called: Bandira. New masters will come to earth who will guide the new phase. They are born now. Just at the end of the transformation they will come out for they will not be understood earlier. They do start with their work immediately because they are not bound to a human learning process.



Out of the sky packages fall that are made of tropical leaves. Each package contains the love for one soul. The packages will be handed out by the Light people.

There will be two kinds of Light people: the migrants who are born in the old world and transform and the Light people who are born in the transformation to the new world. After their birth they will, when the time is there, hand out love packages.

Like this the new love will transform the old world to the green world. She will penetrate every layer of power, church and economy. Funds will be raised to give people an equal economic living and to change the economic structure.


The migrants shall have different duties, messenger, Light spreader, dealer, and guide. The Light people that are born now shall be dealers who first will help their parents. The old people of this time will have a special duty. After they die they shall return immediately as Light people. As witnesses of the old world they will provide insight to the new Light people and masters.


In the green world the people will connect with their souls. In this way new structures arise (grand families) which will be the most important force in the green world. The people of the old world lost the direct contact with their soul in their childhood. The Light people will keep the unity between body, spirit and soul much more and through this will have access tot the divine Love and Light.

The reincarnated old people will have access to the experiences of their former incarnation. This will be one of the first signs that will be recognised by the people of the old world and will be made known through television etc.


The Second World War was a period of sincerity. But the people did not use the sincerity to help mankind (poverty, injustice), and therefore this power has been lost.



In a gold colour circle appears a landscape, there is a town, with between houses a factory. The houses and the factory are dark. White smoke comes out of the chimney of the factory. In and around the town there is much green, with beautiful flowers, pink and blue. Industry and nature will harmonize together in the future.

But at first there will be a big storm. It will become dark. The traffic will be disrupted and there will be much rain. De people will withdraw themselves in their homes and let light burn very long time. They will be able to work. The people in their houses will become frightened en will ask for help. There will come people to help them in their home. And, when they have been helped, they will help others. Then there will be light in the homes and the souls of the people. And they will welcome other people in their homes and it will be cosy.

The directors in the factories will put themselves under their employees and be subservient to them. The products that are made will be useful. There will only be made profit for innovation. De products will be available equally for everybody according to each individual capacity. The price will be transparent in each part divided.



The water, the water will start to flow in opposite direction. Not downward but upward. The fish will come into Ede (location in the East of the Netherlands). The water will become pure.


The pollution will move throughout the atmosphere tot the poles of the earth and be fixed there through vortexes. The storm is there tot purify and be-soul the world. The shining of the sun will become white. The green shall be greener, all colours will be brighter.

The air will be so pure that all engines will work much more economical.


In each house there will be made a guestroom (an altar and a bed). The Light people shall go along the houses with baskets with flowers. In each house they will give a bundle of flowers for the soul. The souls will become Light and the houses will become Light.



The world that comes is the seventh world. The world of the Divine Light. It will not be the last world. The women will inherit the world (for they are better equipped). Travel to the east. There you shall see what is going to happen, so you are prepared (the water of the Gletscher's). You also will see the Light of the seventh world.



The green Light, it is the Light of forgiveness. Man is forced by his earthly living to act negative. The negative energy becomes fixed in his karma. It blocks the flowing from Light to darkness. In that way he loses contact with the Light and love of God.


Christ died for our sins. Christ brought us forgiveness. Our negative deeds can be forgiven in this life. Through forgiveness negativity do not fix itself in our karma but can flow away. The soul will than stay receiving the Light and love. The cup of forgiveness from the house of God. It will come to earth and be used.


The green Light is the Light of the aura of man. The auras shall start beaming in all colours because the souls will start to flow. The people will put together the green Light of the auras.


The people will come together in a room. When they come in they will put off their head. They will speak as men without a head. The sound will not be heard. They will listen to the soul. The auras will do the work. The green Light will be in the centre. The green Light is the forgiving which will cure the people and purify the soul from the negative energies in the karma.


When the man looks the other in the eyes, he will not kill him.

When the man looks in the eyes of the animal, the animal will forgive him.

The animals will at a higher level live and communicate with men. They posses great knowledge about the earthly feeling.

Man will receive direct forgiveness for there earthly deeds from their fellow-man.


Black stones will be altars, because they let the Light flow to the earthly darkness so the earth will be able to receive it.



On the earth there are golden energy lines. These will be used. The lines are structured like the veins of a body. Round buildings will be built on the lines where the people will meet one another, fraternatize, exchange information, send one another where help is needed.

There will be many popular movements.

Informatics will do well. It will start feeding the people with energy.


A new star will rise in the sky. The name of the star is Eseon. Eseon travels through the universe. Eseon sends energy that harmonizes the vibrations on the earth. Time and light will hereby slow down which brings rest and peace. But the time will not hold still for that is above the border in the width. There comes another understanding and sequence of morning and evening, day and night.


An old man will come who gains a lot of esteem. He brings wisdom and love.


The water that comes is blue and will overflow.

The electricity will fall out for three days. It will give contemplation to the people.


The people will start to drink the water from the rain again for it will become pure and healing.


“I come from Eseon, for Eseon is the Light. In darkness we will return. The Light is within us but introspected in the earthly. Until we recognise our path and pull ourselves up to the Light. So shall the wisdom grow in every karma. Do not be scared while the darkness is there for you. Therefore you can learn to distinguish and to receive. Eseon comes in the darkness from the Width. The connection is for the seventh world, the Light of God. Eseon is always on time. Bound with love. It is something, it is nothing. Matter and non-matter comes it out of the root of all things. That what we do not see but carry within ourselves. The twenty-first day. He makes also the poles turn. He comes as a clock, bim, bam.”



Go in seven spheres and bring on in the Light to the darkness of the new world. For the darkness will turn in the green energy. Until all eternity, God will bless the things to come from now on to the earth.

The gold in the sky will show itself under the sun, a thumbs breadth off the round border. See in imagination children Gods and you will know what is going to come. Amen.



Two riders in the night bring the sight on Eseon. Cheerful they will observe your happiness of the recognition. One will talk and one will keep silent. Call them with: "I too are in you", and they will approve.



Eseon will come on the 21 of October 2004. After the water a white wind will blow everything clean and dry. It brings the new Light.


There will be a long funeral procession of black cars. The people are beside the procession. With the person that is buried the first value (image, culture) of the old world dies. The person is a symbol for the I, the hurry, the rush.


"Experience the power" tells Jonathan "For there will be firstborn who will reign over the world". Saulus: "It is I who talks", the riders are on the horses of God.

Uriël speaks with the lightning, beats with the Word of God. "There were I beat is the Spirit".


Eseon comes after the summer that shows the gold.

What is green will be greener, what is dry will be dryer, what is red will be redder, what is wet will be wetter, what is blue will be bluer, what is warm will be warmer.

The people are prepared for Eseon. Before the storms they become fuller of love, in the Spirit of God.



The earth will split open, for she is burdened. There will be a new earth.

The sky will split open, for she is burdened. There will be a new sky.

The water will split open, for she is burdened. There will be new water.


In the winter of the year 2003 the trees will become green for they do not have anymore knowledge of the time. There will be one big lightning and the time will hold still for one second.

The sun will show a golden band and the people will ask surprised: "What is that strange light in the sky?”

The prophets will unite in one stream. The stream shall be stronger than all the kings, generals and popes of the world.

When Gods energy is brought into the darkness, the energy becomes negative. It remains Gods energy but man is making a wrong use of it.

Christ has come into man for the forgiveness. Each man is the child of God. Every prophet has his own task.

The vibrations of Eseon are on the earth right now, they influence already. The human body will change, it will adapt to the new vibrations. The cycle of the woman will change. Many children will be born. Also many children will die.


At the sky appears a dark wooden ship. It is the Arc. Out of the Arc comes a package. There is a kind of white dust looking food in it, also things in light colours. The substance is for absorption in the belly. More packages will come which can be carried on the shoulders. They are for the other souls. (For me: 2 Lightsouls).



Again in the sky appears the Arc. Behind the Arc there are big nets on both sides, green with big darn. The ship sails above the world, the nets go over the earth. The nets grub in the earth and will purify the world. The nets will break open the graves of the six people and the six people will re-rise. They will put down their suffering and their six crosses and put down all what they carry from their world, all but the wisdom they bring for the seventh world in the Light of God. And with their wisdom they will be subservient to the seventh world.


The water will purify the earth. And the earth shall split and the mountains shall split. And the Book would split if not I were the Book. But the Book will open itself and the pages will spread under the people. And the people will open their pages in their hart. And they will know the wisdom in the Light of God, in My Name.



Before the big changes at the transformation to the seventh world there will first come love to the people. This power will protect them against the suffering that comes in the transformation.


There will be wars, also in Africa. There will be dead and wounded but there will also be much cure and enemies will show repent for they know that it is not good. There will be much more attention for the sick and wounded. There will be many hospitals in the (war) areas and much nursing.


It is not possible to influence the machine, it is on itself. It is like a tree. It takes the sunlight from the people; it takes away the water and the food. But the people will take the water and the food from the machine with their love. And the machine will die. But before it dies it will once more bear fruit. And the fruit will come on the purified earth and grow up to new machines. The machines will be subservient to the people for they will be used out of love. The machines will not come near the golden lines because they are for the darkness. They will come in middle distance to the golden lines.



When the mountains are black it will be over. Count till one, count till fourteen. It will start in a year and finish in fourteen years. The Bandira. The first phase is the darkness, the earth will turn. The second phase is the border, many will rise. The third phase is the Width, I will come to you.


The black stones, like this I will come to the people. The golden lines repair the bound. The golden lines become visible. The people will live there (be at home).


Your fears are the fears of later. Your love is the love of later. Your hope is the hope of later. The sun dries the earth, the ships will flag and the people will smile and be happy.



Golden rain will come. In the year 2003 there will be many rainbows as a sign that God repairs the bound with the people. Buy a compass for the power of Eseon will manifest itself in the compass.

The old people has started already to prepare themselves for their task in the new world when they come back as witnesses.

The children are waiting for the big changes en therefore are often not understood.



Eseon has already got influence on the earth. The vibrations give a changed rhythm on the earth. The rhythm of low tide and high tide, day and night, sun and moon, summer and winter are being influenced by this.

The people are being influenced in their heart-rhythm and with pregnancy. Many people shall die of hart infarcts and their will be many miscarriages. Time goes, in relation to the past, faster, slower, faster, it pulses.


But there will be a medicine too. It is called: Kiriam. Kiriam is made out of a symbiosis of Eseon and the earth and it can be taken in by air or else way. The people who cannot adapt to the new rhythmic will become ill. Kiriam only works through acceptance of the new world, the green world, with the love for one another.


The moon will start to shine during the day. At dawn, the sun will disappear, seven days long. Wind and rain are Gods blessing. Uriël will appear and talk with the lightning in the rainbow. Uriël shall talk to you. Make a symbol of rainbow and lightning.

The third eye will be opened with the new transformed man. through this the people and the world will become transparent. The people will see each other as they really are. People will start to feel and recognise all forces of earth and heaven, north and south, east and west. They will arrange the world according to this. The lines in the darkness and in the border.



There will be many new plants. There will be three new plants.

The first plant is called Asani, her colour is white (flowers). She is for mankind en means: closer to God. She will be drank and sacrificed.

The second plant is called Asali, her colour is red (flowers). She is for the animals and means: subservient (also: talking water, ha-ha). She will be eaten.

The third plant is called Asafi, her colour is green (flowers). She is for the earth and means: healing. She will purify the earth and the meat, for the meat also needs healing.


The rainbow will be the symbol on houses and on flags, the rainbow on a white field. For the rainbow are the seven spheres and the six people. And the people follow the spheres.


A city will rise from his ashes. And the city will open and save the knowledge of the six people. Four people are known, two people are unknown.

And the city is called: Choriastor (pronounce Koriastor for it is our city)

And the city is called: Chorias (pronounce Chorias for it is our city)

For she is layered, the city is layered. Beneath was the darkness and above was the gate to heaven. And the gate to heaven was opened by Choriastor. And the gate to heaven was closed by Chorias. It was been closed by the fire from the darkness.


I will come with a red cloud. The cloud is red because of My Light. And I will open the gate to heaven. And the knowledge of one unknown people will re-rise. And the knowledge of one unknown people will remain forever, for she was the one that closed Choriastor. And I will protect the knowledge and the knowledge will be subservient.

And the planets will come closer as stars in the sun. And the Width will come closer. Fear not for I am the Width. Thus I write you in the year before Bandira.



The Albatross shall come to your land. He comes with the Arc. The Albatross will guide the Arc everywhere.

Go stand with your back to the wind, she is purifying and healing. Then you will smell the sea. The salt water will move into the rivers. The sea will come over the dyke but will not remain. The water will come in waves and will flow away.

The A4 (main road, west of Holland) will be opened and closed repeatedly.

You will travel much; it will take more time but is good also.


Beware off the darkness in the year of catastrophes 2004. The forces will be stronger in the darkness. Everywhere in the world will be lightning. The lightning will still (light for long time). It are the golden lines of God, through which Uriël will talk to the earth.


A flower will bloom for seven days after seven days of darkness.


You shall go to funerals often. The people will want many white at the funerals.


There will be a black hole in the earth. It shall come in Russia. It shall attract energy and it shall attract pollution.



We will unite to a power that goes beyond all. Where are not yet there. We are preparing ourselves. We will make contact with the souls and we will make weak the shield. We will make contact with the souls and give them the Knowledge. The souls of the Knowledge shall see it. We come in the churches for the Knowledge and we come in the power (earthly) for the weak making.


In the summer will come a period of rest. Everywhere in Europe the sun will shine. This will last for several weeks. Afterwards the atmosphere will give the feeling that there will be sucked away. It is the time that is being sucked away tot the hollowing in the sky by the magnetic field of Eseon. You will see it. The people will feel it and will become frightened.


Than there also will come many glass splinters from windows. This has to do with the pressure of the air. In October there will be snow.



The sun will start to beam; beams will come of, directly to earth. The clouds will start to move in fixed patterns, in circles. Wind and silence will also get patterns.

The air shall become the third food for mankind (besides to water and earth).

We will go stand in the wind and open our mouth. With silence we will rest.

The human body will become more transparent, lighter, less fixed in the earth, more connected to the Light, like a trolley-bus.


There will be people with Light energy and people with darkness energy. This will be determined by the kind of pole of the people (streaming upward or downward). The reproduction will be done by people who are counter poled. People will attract or distract one another automatic.


The process of getting transparent and poled will finish in eighty years. Than there will be a baby boom. The people will be happy about the harmony in the clean and pure world that is finished then. Children that are born then are not already poled. This happens by the streaming of the parents. The process of Light pole or darkness pole depends on the karmic process.


Through the transparency people have access to the blue chambers in the third sphere, where the souls rest.

They will communicate about the points in time of leaving and coming within their grand families.

The people will not die by aging and sickness but by karmic necessity. The phase of growth is completed or the task is carried out. People can die young or very old.

The biological rhythm will lower. The cycle of day and night will not anymore be the same for everyone.

The earth, the meat, was the most important fuel for man. Meat is earthly energy. This will only yet be used to balance the pole.

Earthly and spiritual energy become a unity. The will be gates to the border. It is possible to go upward to get energy, love and Knowledge. The death is also used to bridge time and distance to a next karmic phase or task.


There will be a struggle between the influences of the old and the new world. The people of the new world will pull back. The people of the old world will fall with their weapons into emptiness. They will no longer understand their power because dying is very different for the new people. They will start to feel that killing and imprisoning has no meaning anymore.


The animal will stand above the people in the earthly for they are really earthed and know the world the best. The people will only be half earthly.



The Arc sails over the sky. The sky is already full with guides and spiritual energy, work is being done. Out of the opened mouth of a Lion comes Lightning and darkening balls. They cause catastrophes etc.


With the third eye the world is much lighter. That is how it will be; the transparency will express itself in Light. The eyes of the flesh will be used together with the eye of the soul. The third eye, man will watch broader and berest for the perspective becomes more width and sensitive.


Wood will be used much more in houses and buildings, massive, dark wood. It will protect and give warmth to the people. Parts of the world will be assigned for forestry. Seed will be collected. Airplanes will spread the seed on the earth. The people will wait patiently until the trees have grown full.



There will be a large movement of people against the nowadays world. They have a flag that has written the question:’ Why is this happening?'. But the movement has no head. She is like moss. It is the movement of the darkness.

There will be another movement. She is the movement of the Lightsouls. She will be invisible for the darkness for she is not organised in the darkness. The movement of Lightsouls shall wait for the head.

The head is the stream of prophets. The head will unify both movements for they are pure and will stream towards each other; form Light to darkness and like this will feed one another.

There will not be that many transformants. The movements will feed one another by their pole. The movements will finally merge in the new man through the copulation.


The first sphere is the sphere of fire and she is red. She is the sphere of the darkness. The knowledge of the red sphere will be opened by the root-man and the animal.


The second sphere is the sphere of the sun and she is yellow. She is the sphere of the gold of the darkness, of the symbolic and the rituals to bring My energy to the darkness. The knowledge of the yellow sphere will be opened by the king of Gods, Hepsis for he was pure in the dark.


The seventh sphere is My sphere and she is white. The sphere will be opened by the head. And the Lightsouls will see the white Light for they see through the border. And the darkness souls will see the white Light as gold for they would be blinded. And the border breaks the white Light into the gold.


Write down everything in the Bandira for she is parallel to the messages now. And the parallelism will give insight. And the insights will be subservient to the movements. The Knowledge of the third eye only gives the mind that what is necessary. It is the Knowledge for the feeling, not for the ratio.



Two prophets will come.

A large black man, he will teach the people of dealing with the fire, life with nature, the animals and the earth.

An old man with long grey hair, he will teach the people about the border, dealing with the third eye, with the golden lines, the love and forgiveness in the new world.


The third prophet will be invisible; he brings the Light of God. He comes to purify and will invisible make the balance of man between darkness and Light. He will be there in the meetings of the people en the people will feel a light wind and the candles will lighten. Peace and happiness will come into the people. This is for the first that people can feel directly the Divine.


And Uriël appeared at the sky and he was blue Light and his power was immeasurable, like the power of God.


And nature and techniques will be arranged differently. There will be brooks and small woods and the main roads will get a natural course.

And the prophets will stand as two stands to one.


Vulcan’s will erupt and large lava streams will come and they will be subservient. For they will bring, from the deepest of earth, a new white golden material. The material will be used in informatics. The material will make it possible to transport spiritual energy worldwide. And the energy will pass on the love against loneliness and the energy protects against electric radiation.


Uriël will throw blue garlands of Light on the earth. And they will purify and heal the earth and the people in the circle.


The third sphere is the purple sphere. She is the sphere of the thirty prophets. Three times ten prophets. She is the sphere of the religion of the written word. And the prophets where subservient to their people. And God gave them the Word that was meant for their people. And the man has learnt to live by the rules for the Word in the third sphere. And the third sphere is the sphere of introspection and surrender, of the depart out of the darkness, the prayer, the devotion, the cross.



Death Squadrons. The white death squadrons, they are not Mine. They will kidnap a monarch of the church. Everyone will think that he has been killed. But he will appear again as holy man.


The big bang comes out of the sky, not out of the earth. The earth will shake, black earth, black earth.

A large white bird (angel) with large white wings appears over a great part of the sky.

There is a foggy landscape, water is everywhere, with pieces of land in between.

Than a golden glow appears at the horizon. The glow changes into a golden sun.



The Lightsouls already do work. They are still children. They only work in the poor countries, Mexico City, Bogotá, and Africa. In the rich world the energies withhold the birth of Lightsouls.


The world is in the yellow sphere. It is below the level of the karma of mankind. The souls of the purple sphere will rise against this, the religious streams of now. But the religions miss the spiritual stream of the Lightsouls of God. The divine stream already is present in the world, it is inevitable. The Divine stream is not yet capable of purifying large parts of the world. Mankind has fixed itself in the material and has to be soaked off first. The rich man therefore cannot be pure. The purple and yellow sphere will merge into a new sphere. It will take a long time before the spheres will start stream in harmony together. The people will start to feel the streams everywhere. By this unexplainable and extreme things will happen. The spheres from the border will come to earth.


There is a man that possesses great pureness, Koffi Anan, He is supported by us.




The period that is coming to an end is like a great black wheel. In the wheel there is an opening at the side. Through the opening the sphere streams away from the darkness. Also do rests of the other spheres. The hole is not completely opened yet. By that reason the sphere cannot stream away properly. So the streams mingle at this moment. The hole must lay on the opening of the wheels of the past periods. So the earth can become empty and the new sphere can come.


In six years the hole will be opened completely. That will be the high time of the Bandira.


After that the disasters will diminish and there will come more rest of the new sphere.


The swan will go out and multiply. People will be surprised for it is against the laws of nature. The swan is the symbol of the protection of the own species. He really is to heavy to fly but still can do it. With his long neck he can look above and under the water, in the dimensions. People will become swans and swans will become people. The swans come from the pore countries. There will come many and no wall or law will stop them.


A weapon from the past will be used again, the catapult. It will not throw stones but fluid and battle against a disease from the past, the plague. The plague will not make as many victims as in the past but the fight against it will bring mankind unity and subservience. People that die from the plague are directly purified and reborn in service of the Bandira.



The blue and the white Angel will fix itself at the sky.

The blue Angel is for the rebirth of the new man, she will let stream the disasters and wars. The white Angel is for the purifying. She will purify the earth and provide for the renewal of the matter. The white Angel will fix itself at the North Pole and go stream from South to North. The blue Angel will fix itself at the South Pole and go stream from North to South.


The rainbow will lighten itself, the rainbow will condense itself.


When the spheres purify themselves in the karma of mankind they get lighter and denser. Finally the spheres will turn into a beam, the golden beam of the Light of God. God will than be in the darkness and the Divine energy will not be filtered anymore.


Three thousand years. The man of the seventh period will grow to the Divine Light in the darkness. Not the paradise, the paradise has been.


I was standing on the mountain. I did not rise but I expanded. The earth became smaller. I became as big as the universe and was able to look around by taking it in me. I saw the spheres that are on the surface of the earth, much orange and yellow. Orange is the breaking of the red Light of God. Like this, mankind will experience it. Orange comes with the closure and disclosure of the periods of the earth. It is the lightening en purifying of the red.


The knowledge of the Root man was the expanding. They could travel through the universe from matter to matter. When man learns expanding again the planets will come closer. When man expands he becomes denser. That is the law of God. He comes closer to the Width. And the Width is the absolute densing the energy, the movement of God. Like this, by expanding man comes tot the centre of the movement of God.



The black altar is the gate to the deep darkness. The leaders take a risk of falling for letting Gods Light stream. But by this they are able to spread the Light. The beam goes through the altar. They who stand there get Enlightened. The black altars will steer the streaming of the Light.


Michael sends armies of Angels who will filter like prisms the Light of God to the green Light of healing.


A tree without branches with water in his trunk will produce large flowers with long brooms.


People without Light will not be able to come near the altars, they would become crazy.



The prophet, the old man, his name is Ismalion.

There will be build a city. Everything in the city will be round, the structure, the buildings, and the space. The movement of God is round; the movement of god comes to earth.



The yellow sphere, the watchers of Atlantis, they have the magical fire of the Dragon of the red sphere. The Dragon that originated by the Root man by the expanding without the control of My Movement. The magical fire of the Dragon was tamed with the silver ball. The ball of the control of illness and life and dead. But Atlantis fell down by the water of the flood that should have put out the fire that destroyed Atlantis. And the people moved away. And the peoples fell down because they did not share the love and the Light out of My Movement. And the Light pulled out of the fire. And the magical fire became uncontrollable without the Light.


And the peoples of the red sphere fell down because she did not share the Knowledge of the expanding.

And the peoples of the yellow sphere fell down because they did not share the Knowledge of the control of sickness, life and dead.

And the peoples of the purple sphere will fall because they have not shared the Knowledge of the written Word of God, of the ending of the karma.


And after the paradise came the fire. And the fire brought the karma to unify man again with God.

And the Dragon will dense to the red line and fix itself in Choriastor.

And the silver ball will dense to the silver line and fix itself in Choriastor.

And the golden line of the written Word of God will fix itself in Choriastor.

And God will watch over Choriastor over the Knowledge of the peoples of the spheres.

The prophet Ismalion will touch the man with his finger and the heart of man will start to bleed.

And man will sacrifice to God his only born son Ishmael through the bleeding heart.


And the Knowledge of the magical fire will unify again with the pure Light of God. And the Knowledge will be shared by the whole people through the bleeding heart. And Ismalion moves without walking.

And the third eye will not work in the Light without the bleeding heart.



Gods wind comes to earth. The Angels will lead the wind in lines.

All that is with a soul will become Light.


In ancient times Gods Light was in pools on the earth. The Light has fixed itself and is sublimated by the forces of the darkness.


The red cloud of God to open the gate to heaven of Choriastor will fall down as dust in the central room. Above the gate will be the white Light of the Movement of God. Form out the circle the Light will, as a funnel, shine into a point in the room. The leaders will gather by the room, of every nation one. Ismalion will appear and carry over the Light from the top of his finger to the leaders. Than they will have the Light in the top of their finger.


The six peoples of the earth where divided in three times two, one low and one high. Two for red, two for yellow and two for purple.

The three high spheres are for the seventh people, blue, green and white (gold). Orange is the thinning of gold, gold is the thinning of white.

All people will sing a song The Light; the white Light of God. The Light of God comes to earth. The Light of God is everywhere.


In the seventh world man goes tot the end of pole. First the pole comes to the Consciousness. Mankind must still go a long time. Three thousand years (?).



The banners (colours) will be raised for the new world. But the pollution that blows over the earth will beat them down. The pollution gets all the karmic past into movement. It will influence the earth and the man and let them do things that they did not do for a long time.


But Uriël will stand at the sky and fight, with the lighting in the rainbow, with the Word of God, the negativity that comes out from the pollution. At first the pollution will get loose, it comes from the three past spheres. It brings illness. The illness is follows by the purifying. The purifying is followed by the rebirth. The rebirth is followed by the healing. The healing is followed by the Enlighten.

Ismalion comes out of the poor, first under the poor.

After Uriël the Arc comes for the great purification.

After the Arc comes Michael with his armies of Angels and brings the green Light of healing. After Michael the gate to heaven of Choriastor will be opened by the red cloud of God and the orange Light will spread as the softening of the Light of God. The colours of the rainbow will stand at the sky and, after a degree of time, dense to the lines. The lines will fix itself in Choriastor.



Three leaders come out of the poor, for the poor. The grand capital will resist. But it shall not be able to protect itself against the plague. The hospitals will become very important.


Once there has been two suns. One extinguished one started lighting.

The pools of the Light of God will surface again and start streaming on the earth. This is caused by the new streaming of the pollution tot the black hole in Russia. The streaming through the earth pushes the Light-enery upwards.

The new man needs more pureness to achieve his higher being and to unfold his abilities.


A winter long Europe is covered with snow. Out of the snow will come snowdrops. At the sun of spring the snow will melt.

A big flood of water will make everything shine and the earth will be purified.

It is the sigh of the Arc; it is the sigh of Michael.

All the past of the earth becomes visible.

There will be strange sky phenomena.



In the time of Nebuchadnezzar it was said:

“Do not get streaming water for the land will scorch. Get water from the well of your own town. The water will give you blessing but abundance will make your town fall. Nineveh”.


The pools of God will desalinate on sacred places of the image of God.

Machu Pichu, covered with coloured feathers of the rainbow.

Lourdes, with white feathers of the Christ for he will return again in white.


From a planet (Trion, Trinion) will break off a big mass of ice and travel to the earth. At arrival at the earth the mass will splinter and show off a golden rain in the atmosphere.



The priests will wear white clothes. Their head is covered. All religions shall do it like this. The white gives the purity of the spheres. So the clothes will colour in the Light of the spheres.




Na-kadno It was the first people Na-kadno


That what lies dormant in the past Na-kadno


After the flood the sun will shine