Recent Work

  • De Lange Reis

    In De Lange Reis naar het Zesde Zegel ontmoet ik het zielemeisje Irana en haar moeder. Zij zijn verdronken, en nemen mij mee in hun wereld van stervende zielen. Daar begint een reis naar de toekomst van de wereld, en het verleden en de toekomst van mijzelf, en mijn eigen ziel.


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  • Wachten op de hel of waar is kleine misha









    Een reis naar het toen van Buchenwald, Auschwitz en Hitler. Zes jaar lijden, lijden van de ziel, de zielemensen, en de ontmoeting met mijzelf.



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this website

this website

This website


This website is for everyone who wants to know what I have experienced, seen and written. The information is a first step to transfer. I have made fragments of all my writings on this website. A great part of it I have translated in English. With each fragment I give an explanation. The books about the sixth and the seventh people, the old and the new world are not fully translated yet.

My books form a base of knowledge, the Great Knowledge, about the true being of things. It is the divine reality behind the earthly, imagined reality. All issues I have written about derive from the knowledge that was given to me through meditation and prayer.    


About me

I am open for everybody who has question about life, about his or her life, about problems that are not solved with earthly, material or psychic aids. Maybe I can give an explanation why, through which, things happen, now and in the past. I can see those things with you, through you. I can help to open what is closed, offer a solution. I listen, I speak, I meditate and I pray. I call and activate, spiritual energy, a sphere, the opening to a sphere, the opening to the unseen. I bring forward the unseen of the waiting souls, the lost and the blessed, the pure and the sacred.

I communicate from spirit to spirit, form heart to heart, form soul to soul. There will only be opened and disclosed if the questionnaire wants it. It can vary from insight to the ability to cope with traumas.


Soul work

I belief that all information, knowledge and abilities I receive through my soul. And it works the same with the information from other people. It is the communication from soul to soul. The soul is elusive, seems elusive. But everyone feels, and many feel that there is something more than solely the emotions that are controlled by the brains, through stimuli and memory. There is the personality, the identity, who or what am I? Where do I come from? Is there a being after death? What is that being, being aware of what?

The soul is a little peace of eternity and this makes the soul elusive. But the soul is also a part of the human being, of life. And we live with it, we live through it. Maybe the biggest challenge in life is to create the unity with it.

In one of my books is given the image of the man as the horse and the soul as the horseman. The horseman is challenged to learn how to drive the horse. It is called: “Kar-a-kar-kasj”. It means the strings of the horse. When the soul obtains the strings, the so called “T-ara-i-Oem”, the will of the soul, it will take over the lead from the will of the mind.

Perhaps this is difficult to understand, for we know what we are is a human being, and we do not know what we are as a soul. But horse and horseman work together, learn how to communicate with one another. So the horse has a choice to surrender to the horseman. And man can do it. It is all about surrender, to have faith. Follow your heart, follow your intuition, it is all about your soul. The understanding can also be obtained by the acceptance not to understand it. Just as we accept that there are many things in us we do not understand, but we are sure that they are there, and that they have an influence on the way we act and live our life.