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  • De Lange Reis

    In De Lange Reis naar het Zesde Zegel ontmoet ik het zielemeisje Irana en haar moeder. Zij zijn verdronken, en nemen mij mee in hun wereld van stervende zielen. Daar begint een reis naar de toekomst van de wereld, en het verleden en de toekomst van mijzelf, en mijn eigen ziel.


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  • Wachten op de hel of waar is kleine misha









    Een reis naar het toen van Buchenwald, Auschwitz en Hitler. Zes jaar lijden, lijden van de ziel, de zielemensen, en de ontmoeting met mijzelf.



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the background

the background

The Background


Living and not-living

Man is called San-Koron-Loch. The soul is in the flesh and the flesh wears out in the darkness of our mater. San is for the seven steps that the soul has to make in his development through his karma in his livings as a man in this world. The man is in the spirited flesh, the flesh that is limited and dies off. Our world is Yal, mater without Light.

Thus I work for the soul, for the spirited man, but also for the soul without a body, the wandering soul, the waiting soul, the soul with a task, in this world. I am allowed to set free, to have contact, to be there, to learn and to pass on. It is to do in this world of the mater, the stern mater, and the world of the fine mater, the spiritual, the unseen.


Spheres and maters

There are no dimensions. A dimension points to a space with a border. In those spheres there are no borders than the gates to the material world. They are pieces of eternity. There are hells and heavens, gates to the hells and gates to the heavens. Around the earth, our world, there is a ring, a ring of fine mater. The “Brodal”, the fine mater, is the spiritual being without mater, but it is. At the outer side of the ring is the “Oem-mis”, the gate from the being to the Not- being, the “Oem-mis-Oem”, the Divine Emptiness, also called the stirring of the Width in purest. At the inner side there are the gates to hells and heavens, the waiting rooms and the souls that walk and wander the earth. The earth is “Yal”, mater without Light. The earthly dust is “Borkan”, stern mater. The fine and the stern mater are on a scale, from moderate to ultimate. The ultimate of the fine dust is the Not-being; the ultimate of the stern dust is the absolute petrifaction. Man is made of stern mater, the soul is made of fine mater. But mater, flesh is not solid. A solid rock has streaming and movement. But the movement is caught within itself. The soul and the flesh, the body, can touch one another through the streaming of the flesh.


The Separation

And God separated Light and darkness. At the start of our world the Divine energy moved from the earth. The pools of Light closed, they petrified and became dark. Our world is the world of the Doom, of the wonders and the Word. The “Zano”, the breath of God, had placed itself above the earth. The “Arat”, the breath of the people, mounted till above. And there was fertilization, and Saints and Prophets were born.


Karma and heritance

In my books it is written that man has a soul and how man is spirited. The life in our world brings load, burden, it becomes lumber. The acts and occasions pile up and thus become a heritance. This heritance is carried by the soul and makes his fate, and thus it makes the fate of the life of man.


The imagination

There are images and signs, voices and texts. I know that it is my imagination. Most of them I have seen and heard alone. Sometimes a companion saw or heard them too. It is the recognition of a shared reality or a mental transfer from one person to another. For me the imagination is real, I have really seen it, heard it and felt it. At an early age they were mostly in my dreams. But when I woke up, the dreams did not stop. I had to chase away that imagination by other imagination. Images and visions, they came and they come; images of the past and images of the future. I saw other worlds, heavens and hells; I have painted them and written them down. I did not read about it and I did not look for it. Sometimes I received recognition and confirmation, by others, by information that crossed my path through books, occasions or the internet.

There were signs and images that did not come out of my imagination, but already existed, visible for everybody. It was a name on a wall, an image in a flame or in a cloud. These images and signs I have also written down, painted, and if possible taken pictures of. The sacred man that travels with the text on my website is a close up from a burning candle. And there were predictions that proved to be true. Like something that happened in someone’s past that was the same as my perception. So it was the tested truth of the prophet.


But, I have also experienced that many seen images are imagination. The images are necessary to recognize, for me, and for the transfer of me to others. The soul has no form and no image, than that what is necessary for the recognition, as to say the identification. And my imagination is unique and authentic, and therefore, only limited shareable with others, which imagine themselves too.

The core is the being at the “other” side, at other spheres, of not material being. It is not the imagination that counts but the transfer. The transfer of feelings, of knowing, of experience of the being and have been, and will be. It is the then, the present, and the later. The images are there because I have eyes and a mind. The core is the right translation of the transfer of the image that passes or is made up in my brain.

I see and feel and hear on different levels, within me and from outside. I feel spirits, souls, mere energies, , from clear beings to shades, stains of colors. I feel from a cold wind, warmth, trembles to a very vivid touch.

In the purest, not translated form, there is no image, no feeling and no sound. There only is the consciousness that there is something there, and knowing what “that” is. And that knowing is often accompanied with a feeling, the awareness of the presence of, fear, threat, joy and, not in the least, love. That knowing, that consciousness, does not need an image, even no recognition than the recognition of the knowing. For, on the level of the soul, the presence of the human spirit is not required for being there.